Techniques Of Making Clay

Pottery is one product that was made out of clay. It is not easy to make pottery, especially in the traditional way. There are many who have already learned how to do it.  One of the methods to make clay is by using the hand and the clay that was used in the early times. An example of this is the coil clay technique. From its name, you make a coil then layer it up to form the one you like to make.

Another technique is using a slab. The clay would be flattened and then cut into the measurement that you desire. After that, you can put it in the mold and let it follow the shape of the mold. Usually, a bowl is made using this. As time pass, the potter’s wheel was developed that help the efficiency and effectiveness of pottery. The wheels are powered by hand or by the feet.

After it has been mold, it should be cooked in the fire so that it would not dissolve into clay again when water would be in contact with it. They had their own way also of making use of the fire. They can be used woods to make the fire for the clay. it can take days to finish the process of cooking the clay. The Japanese have made a great contribution to this part. Now many are using any of the techniques above in making their own clay products.