Benefits Of Clay For Children

Playing with clay is considered beneficial to children. You can search on the internet and there are many tutorials on how to play with the clay. As clay has been commercialized and made safe for children so they are a good toy as long as it is age appropriate. They also should need supervision for younger children. The activity is also a good way for bonding of parents with children. Children can learn how to make shapes and so they can be able to bring out their creativity.

They can also learn how to control their hands as they pat, molds and shapes the clay to create the form they want. Through this activity, the children can have the muscles of their hands and fingers be develop. This is what is called the motor skills as they will squeeze and pinch. They are also expressing their ideas and what is in their thoughts. They can also make letters, shapes, and numbers with clay. This way they can learn them.

You can also make it meaningful by letting them create their name or name of a family member.  It is recommended that you provide a space for the clay work so that they can check their work anytime. If you will allow them to be able to access the clay anytime then it is good. They can go there and be able to see how they can make something. Their ideas and creativity could be active and they feel like they will make something.