Types Of Clay

The making of clay into something has been done in the ancient times and it has been part of art also. The ones being made is not just for the necessity but also for the ones for decorations. According to the record, the oldest parts of pottery that were found was during the civilization of the Hittite and that was in 1400-1200 B.C. Clay could be found in many parts of the world. They are usually found in places where water once flowed.

The types of clay that are most common are the stoneware, earthenware, and kaolin. The earthenware has many minerals in it that could include an iron oxide. You can also find some rock or sand in it. This type of clay melts when the temperature is colder. The color would be gray and white and they are used to make roofing tiles and terracotta pots. This clay is the most common type and so you will find it more than others.

The other type of clay is the stoneware that is durable in its nature and is hard. They were used before to make jugs and also the crocks. This time, dinnerware is the most common product. The color varies from tan or light or dark gray or even chocolatey brown. The last type which is the purest is the kaolin. It was mainly used in making porcelain. It needs to be fired as it can easily break if not fired. Now there is commercial clay for children to play.